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i just watched 300 11 hours ago!!omfg!!that's incredible!!the angle,the colors,details,moods....i LOVE that!!there are things that can't wipe off from my mind!it's that when the spartans throw out their spears!!i could feel their mighty in the cinema! XD and the part i love the most is when the son of the captain and a guy with long,golden hair(forgot what his name was) XD doing some combo fighting~~~that's incredibly!!and the KING!!he wears the coolest helmet i've ever seen!!and they did a great job on the detail which thehelmet are full of scratches in the end.....the ending part, that the KING put down his helmet and shield,and showed his wraith to the Persian Gay,(hah,i personally feel that the Xerxes's outlook are the most gay in the movie~~ ) XD that part was, ........hardly to describe by WORDS~~~!!i love the way they showed out,extremely perfect outcomes!!

hah,about the bad things,i don't really wanna mention about it.....u all can find out urself~~~ XD
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yanic Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
I saw it aswell, and it was beautiful, the fight scene to the visuals and the colours, totally awesome
chrisnfy85 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
ya!i agree with that!! =D
DimensionWolf Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
I just saw a preview for it on It looks really cool and violent! XD I gotta see it when I get the chance :) XD

thanks for sharing ^^
chrisnfy85 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
haha~~~hope u can enjoy it!! XD
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